"Night Sounds” wins the Grand Prize at the Sankei Children’s Book Award

May 2018

The Grand Prize at the 65th Sankei Children’s Book Award has been won by "Night Sounds”, by Shigeru Tamura, a picture book distinct for its striking use of jewel-tone blues and its recreation of night-time tranquillity.
The setting is simple: a young boy takes just a few dozen seconds to reach his grandfather’s house, which sits on the bank of a pond. The book is a careful and evocative depiction of the vitality of the animals living around that pond.
Tamura was just nine years old when he first heard Matsuo Basho’s iconic haiku: old pond – a frog jumps in – the sound of water. He recalls how he imagined the ripples on that pond to spread out: beyond the pond, beyond the field, beyond the rivers and mountains and oceans and the sky, rippling all the way out to galaxies in the heavens.
Around 60 years after his first encounter with Basho’s haiku, Tamura was finally able to finish the picture book he had always wanted to create.

yoru no oto yoru no oto sp
Night Sounds


"I’m an African Giraffe" enjoys critical acclaim overseas!

May 2018

"I’m an African Giraffe” (by Megumi Iwasa, illus. by Jun Takabatake) is the charmingly comical story of two pen pals, Giraffe and Penguin. Having never met, each must imagine what the other looks like until the two friends finally get a chance to come face to face. The book is now enjoying critical acclaim in several countries overseas.
Firstly, it was announced at the Leipzig Book Fair that the German translation of the book (Viele Grüsse, Deine Giraffe!, illus. Jörg Mühle) has been nominated in the children’s book category of the German Children’s Literature Award 2018. This authoritative award was established in 1956 by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth to recognise outstanding works of children's literature. It is Germany's only state-funded literary award. The winners will be announced on October 12th at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Next, the English language edition (Yours Sincerely, Giraffe) published by New Zealand’s Gecko Press in 2016 has been shortlisted for the ages 7-11 prize in the UKLA Book Awards 2018. These awards, run by the UK Literary Association, are the only national book awards to be judged by teachers. The winner will be announced at the UKLA International Conference on July 6th.
Aside from Japan, the book is currently sold in nine countries: Brazil, China, Germany, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey. It is a joy to see this wonderful book become known to wider audiences around the world, and we look forward to seeing where the book will go next.

I’m an African Giraffe


"Desk is Desk: A New Title from Taro Gomi!

May 2018

The unmistakable world of "Taro Gomi explodes across the pages of this brand new picture book, "Desk is Desk”. One day, a little boy decides that his desk is a little too small. So his father agrees to make him a new one – a big one.
Hang on! Isn’t this new desk a bit too big? The little boy’s great big desk is soon attracting friend after friend, who start making use of the all the space by playing catch, skipping rope, and goodness knows what else.
More and more arrive until the little boy’s great big desk is jam-packed with far too many people! What on earth will happen to the too-big desk?

tsukue desk sp
NEW! Desk is Desk